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Not even Almost Famous, but I love my workplay with cameras, computers and software in my studio. Processing production is my favorite activity after the receiving inspiration.

As you might expect; here's the story:

I become fascinated with photography while finishing my philosophy degree at Princeton in 1971. Sol Libsohn and Peter Bunnell are the right/left brain opposite twins of my education; Sol with the light and soul, and Peter with the historical aesthetic narrative body. After graduation and a few years of retailing and advertising (my MBA), I launch my professional career in 1983 with photo shows and highly charged annual report work. My corporate assignments take me all over the country in broad strokes and locally in fine brush detail.

In 1986 I meet Marcel Saba in the City and follow him from Gamma to Picture Group to SABA itself. I owe my editorial career alone to Marcel. The assignments were numerous, intriguing; above all they were always exercises in a matrix of considerations flavored with a delicious dash of serendipity. Location lighting, location portraiture became my favorite ongoing interest in tango with ballet and contemporary dancers.

I write a little book about location corporate/editorial photography in 1992-93, then plunge into digital with my mac IIci and nikon coolscan. (Thanks Mick!) Shortly thereafter my web site goes live. DVideo and Bryce quicktime movies devour days of my months. Working at the speed of life, I see my children grow up, graduate, marry and and become parents themselves. The last ten years swoosh by in a flash; somehow I score a masters in visual arts, get married, and move again. And again.

Now from here, the view of the visual is spectacular. It is all about the light. Fourth floor big windows south to a park and west to the cityscape. Season with specular reflections from nearby tall buildings bouncing the sun early and late. Tracking the sunset from the balcony is a full time exercise in innocence and wonder.

Yes, the old site still abides. Here. Even now, some of the content in this redesign is pulled from the legacy folder.

Images may appear random or at odds in some categories; arbitrary they are not. An image in corporate might be decorative architecture. Yes, oft the lines are blurred; and now and again the photos are as well. 

serendipitous in deed. visualization outside the alphabetic taco shell. visioneclectic.

And if you're of a mood, there's a contact form for sending a comment or two.

Thanks for listening; enjoy the views.  Read more here if you like.




Featured Promo


At Home with a little whimsy
Ongoing assignments photographing area homes for a monthly publication.  A summary set of favorite images.


dance photosDance images of the last several years.
DCdC, Rhythm in Shoes, Dayton Ballet, NCDT, RDA.


Portraits of Sunshine and Shadow
The Dunbar Institute presents a series of portraits of individuals overcoming the shadows in their lives and giving back to family and community.


surprising expectation : a visual thesis
This project began as an exploration of the concept of sublime within visual art. Click this and you will descend into the legacy web site. Whaa ha haa!






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