Andy Snow Photography  "photon engager, sometimes an arranger, oft a wrangler for fun"

   Andy Snow has worked as a professional photographer for over 40 years. He became fascinated with photography while finishing his philosophy degree at Princeton University. There, under the guidance of documentary photographer, Sol Libsohn, and photography historian, Peter Bunnell, Snow learned the practice and art of illuminating narrative with photography.

     In 1993, he chronicled his work for TIME, BusinessWeek, Newsweek, NYTimes, Forbes and Fortune magazines in his book entitled Location Photography Secrets. Upon its publication, he embraced the dawning digital age by teaching himself Photoshop 2.5. (Imagine Photoshop with no layers... I wonder if you can.) In 1996, he had programmed and uploaded as the first iteration of his current web site. This ever-evolving site is now over 20 years young.

Thanks to his post-graduate studies at Ohio University and Antioch University, Andy expanded further into sound, film, video, and all things digital. He completed a self-designed masters degree program at Antioch in digital media in 2005.

     With a long list of clients from GE to P&G, KPMG to DCDC, Andy Snow is a documentarian at heart, mindful of revealing essence through light, shadow, and color, while remaining receptive to any surprising interventions that might be chaos or perhaps synchronicity. His historic project, Watershed, Then&Now, commemorating the Great Flood of 1913 in the Miami Valley of western Ohio, was honored as one of twenty Best of 2013 by the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP). "Receiving this award from my peers is a terrific touchstone at this stage of my career," says Snow. To see and read more about the Great Flood commemoration, check out his blog at and visioneclecti©.com for more imagery. Check out his video of one of the largest fountains in the world here: This work was referenced in artnet news. Andy has turned his attention to the new perspectives from the sky. In 2014, Andy worked as DOP of Where the Rivers Meet, a music video produced in Dayton that heralded the immigrant friendly policy of the City of Dayton. In 2015 he began documenting the construction and renovation of more than 20 libraries of the Dayton Metro Library system, a project that will span 5 years. "The bonus piece of this incredible gig is working with local artists, recording the installation of juried works of art in each reimagined facility. What a blessing for and from this great community."

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